PSG Pharmacy is Happy to Offer


- When Filling Your Prescription, Please Let Us Know If You Need Delivery -

PSG Pharmacy Gladly Offers


- Come By To Get Your Flu Shot Or Immunizations For Overseas Travel -

PSG Pharmacy is Happy to Offer


- Request A Refill Through Your Physician, Online, Or In Person -


We offer delivery for your convenience! When filling your prescription, please let us know if you need delivery and we will set it up at a time that works best for you. We are always here to help.


We offer immunizations! Come by to get your flu shot, usually covered by most insurances. We also offer immunizations for overseas travel. We are here to help with your immunizations.


You can request a refill through your physician, online or in person. Our staff is ready to assist. We offer consultation about medication and have a vast knowledge of drug interactions. Please let us know how we can help you.


  • New Modern Lobby
  • Oxygen Bar
  • Huge Supply of Over-the-Counter Medications
  • Flu Shots/Immunizations
  • Prescription Refills

Come see our new lobby with our Oxygen Bar! We also have a large supply of over-the-counter medications and vitamins to choose from.

Don't forget: PSG Pharmacy delivers!


You heard right. Al, your friendly neighborhood pharmacist, is more than happy to speak with you "face to face" through our website.

Feel free to reach him through Skype by clicking the Skype message bubble below.


We want to offer you a service to help you with discharging your patients. We are willing to fill a patient's prescriptions and deliver them to you so that you will have the medications as you go over them with the patient before he or she goes home. We feel this will help the patient tremendously with the transition from the hospital to home.

In order for us to do this, we will need the patient's full profile before we can fill and deliver the prescriptions. This includes the patient's full name, home address, and telephone number as well as any drug allergies or health conditions the patient has and the name of the patient's primary care physician. We will also need whatever prescription insurance information the patient has, which we can get from a copy of the prescription card sent to us or we can work out a form for you to complete. In addition, we will need the time that the patient will be discharged.

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